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Kuzbass motorsport park

Technical data

Area: 35 ha. Asphalt area: >10 ha. Track for circuit racing: length 3270 m, width 12-15 m, turns  12, max road gradient  6,9%. Test circuit (1 stage): length 2210 m, width 12-15 m. Drift track: length 917 m, width 12-15 m. Two-module drive safety training center include: car Kick plate, 3 rows of the sudden appearing mechanical obstacles, dual speed control system, water Irrigation.

  • Type: circuit grade 2, drift track, drive safety training center.
  • Location: Kemerovo region, Russia.
  • Project status: under construction, stage 1 completed in 2014.
  • Website:

Kuzbass motorsport park. Masterplana
Kuzbass motorsport park. Masterplan.
Kuzbass motorsport park.
Kuzbass motorsport park.